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Founded in 2013, Eurotec FM began as an idea, penned by someone who wanted to change the way restaurants and catering services did business. That initial idea has grown into one of the industry’s leading catering equipment design, supply and consultancy firms. Just as we have grown our business, we are sure that we can grow yours. If you have an idea that you would like to turn into a successful business, let the professionals at Eurotec FM provide a detailed business startup consultancy that will give you the information and advice you need to take the next step in creating your business.

The experienced team at Eurotec FM has the knowledge and commitment new business owners need to start and grow their new restaurant, catering or cafe business with confidence. From that initial idea, through to serving your first customer and beyond, to making the first sale and beyond, we can help you create a successful business today.

Equipment Selection

Sourcing and choosing your equipment and creating an equipment design layout that works for your specific volume and location needs is just one aspect of what we do here at Eurotec FM. We find dependable product and equipment suppliers as well as any specialised service providers that your business needs. From fine dining establishments to independent street food vendors, we can provide the critical elements needed to ensure your business has the catering equipment it needs to serve your customers. Your success depends on proper catering selection, let Eurotec FM help.

Strategy and Planning

Eurotec FM provides professional business analysis, statistics and strategy services designed to help our clients plan the most important stages of their business. From planning to execution and everything in between, we are experienced in creating effective catering business strategies that will make turning your idea into reality a much more linear process.

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To learn more about how Eurotec FM can help you start your new catering business and provide you with the tools and resources you need for success, contact us today for a no-obligation initial consultation.