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Whatever your kitchen design or requirements you will need kitchen extraction and air input system. The main reasons are to expel all burn and harmful gas by products, provide a safe and comfortable working environment for the kitchen staff. Allow equipment to work at optimum efficiency and not labour by overheating.

Our extraction and ventilation systems, are designed to the latest legislations and recommendations and we adhere to DW/172, all our installers and designers are experienced and highly skilled for all types of extraction issues.

We design, build, supply and install;

 Extract only hoods

Extract & air input hoods

Island canopy sections

Service distribution units

Air input systems

Odour & noise control products

If you’re in need of commercial extract hoods, commercial extractor fans or entire commercial kitchen extraction systems, then Eurotec FM Ltd, have you covered and can improve your kitchen no end.

You may cook the best food and have the nicest restaurant, but if you’re extraction systems are not up to scratch you could suffer in the long run, so make sure you have the very best and most reliable extraction equipment fitted in your kitchen.