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For a project to be delivered on-time and on-budget, it must be expertly managed. At Eurotec FM, our project management team applies over 30 years of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet our clients’ project requirements. We are committed to your success and we can create a custom tailored project management strategy that will ensure the success of your project from start to finish.

At Eurotec FM, our project management process can be categorised into 5 stages:




Monitoring and Controlling


Through building partnerships with our clients to better understand their goals and the specific needs of their project, we are able to create a successful project management strategy that draws on following ten areas:

Integration – We can bring your ideas together and turn them into a strategy that will provide a basis for your project.

Scope – From start to finish, we will research every possible opportunity for your project’s success and the growth of your business.

Time – We offer on time delivery of your project and we will work laterally with you to create a project timeline that meets your goals.

Cost – The cost of a project is always an important factor and one that we focus on to ensure your budget remains a top priority throughout each phase of the project management process.

Quality –Every aspect of your business should focus on quality and that is what we prioritise throughout theproject management process.

Procurement – We source the highest quality equipment and supplies for your business while emphasising value and ROI.

Communication – Throughout every phase of your project, we will work laterally with you and ensure that communication is a priority.

Risk Management – Risk management is an integral part of any successful project and our team of project management experts are experienced in creating project strategies that focus on every aspect of risks and minimises those risks along the way.

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