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Tap® is the first tecnoinox oven with a touch interface, designed to provide comprehensive Solutions for everyday kitchen needs.

The advanced cooking functions go hand in hand with a design aimed at rendering the use of the oven, the setup of cooking programs, access to the recipe collection and changes to the many preset recipes easy, quick, convenient, immediate and intuitive.

The design solutions represent innovative answers to key operational and hygiene related needs, with the quality of materials and craftsmanship associated with the tecnoinox name.

Tap Combi Oven

TAP® offers automation, cooking standardisation, a recipe collection ready for use: the certainty and consistency of results in every cooking process makes TAP® a reliable working tool in cooking centres and in facilities where work is delegated by the chef to qualified staff.

However, TAP® is also an intelligent and customised technology that recalls the previously used cooking programs, favourite recipes and guarantees the chef a maximum control over the cooking process, also giving the possibility to edit the parameters associated with preset recipes in a few quick steps.

The my TAP® area is a place in which the chef can freely create his own customised TAP® according to seasonal menus, themed dishes and the most used cooking techniques, organising favourite contents in folders.

Without forgetting the possibility to manually configure the cooking programs at every stage, leaving space for creativity.

Tap®: friendly technology

True innovation is now within everyone’s reach. The tap® touch screen functionality is the gateway to contents, ideas and freedom of use: for this reason, the interface is first and foremost designed to be simple and intuitive, a tool able to make life easier, without introducing any complications.

Climafix constantly controls the actual value in the chamber, maintaining a balanced humidity level to guarantee a product with the right texture and the desired appearance.

Thanks to Climafix, TAP® optimises the results of long cooking techniques, minimising weight loss due to the dehydration of the product.

TAP Combi Oven Touch Screen